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Glenda is an artist who works with beads to craft beautiful pieces of jewelry.


Over the years she has taken a variety of courses in jewelry design and has hosted bead parties, teaching jewelry basics to a variety of individuals. Glenda has a keen understanding of how to simplify the process so anyone can participate in the creative process.

In 2013, and in an ongoing capacity, Glenda began working with ArtBeat San Diego teaching art techniques at parties and events.

In 2016, and in an ongoing capacity, Glenda has had the opportunity to work with the New Bridge private school in Poway. New Bridge is a school for students with learning disabilities who range in grade from 1st to 8th.

In 2019 Glenda began teaching at Revision as a creative mentor. Her main focus is working with jewelry but she has also instructed others in painting, weaving and other projects. 


In 2020 Hanna Gundrum began working at Revision. Hanna works primarily with drawing, painting, and screen printing. Hanna is also a muralist, check out her website below:


Nostalgia is everything. Keep your memories alive! I'm influenced by tv shows and films from my childhood. I enjoy creating dramatic and colorful portraits of legendary and iconic entertainers. Looking for freelance positions in Promotional illustration, Poster Design & Graphic Apparel. Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life!


Lindsay Lauters Miller is a multi-faceted visual artist. She most often creates illustrations and ceramics, and is forever exploring new mediums. They like to work with expressive textures and lines, intense colors, and skewed or modified observation. She has a UX and accessibility background, having worked in video games and technology.


Learn more about their work:​


Jessica Boranian is a creative mentor, blending arts education with a love for people, since the year 2000. Jessica studied Cultural Anthropology at UCSB, attended the Brooks Institute of Photography, and has worked primarily with children and neuro-diverse populations. She enjoys capturing the moment through photography, writing, music, and mixed media, with a special interest in nature, color, craft, and recycled materials!


Katie Ruiz is a Chicana artist living in San Diego CA. She is an interdisciplinary artist, making work in painting and fiber sculpture. Figures, geometric patterns, and bright colors are reiterated throughout her work. She is known for her activism work with refugees, her community art, The Pompom Project, and children’s book Brian the Wildflower. Katie has a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Art from Northern Arizona University and a Masters degree of Fine Art from The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture in NYC.

Former Mentors & Volunteers


In 2019 Chelsea began working at Revision as a creative mentor. Her main focus is working with jewelry but she has also instructed others in painting, weaving and other projects. 


Sierra Aguilar is a collage artist and art educator who believes that creativity is a lifelong journey. She loves to explore different techniques and uses her collage art to communicate new connections and ask questions of her audience, hopefully encouraging them to see things from a new perspective. She has been an art educator since 2017 and enjoys helping all people find their creative voice. When she's not creating art or teaching, you can find her crafting, cooking delicious food, or reading.

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