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Joy Boe
Founder & Director
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I have over 15 years experience working in social services in many capacities. I was originally introduced to the movement through an art event supporting adults with developmental disabilities and became involved as a volunteer and student.


My interest in advocacy fueled my development of a new career initiative, giving misunderstood participants of a day program, a chance to earn a fair income and work alongside me in the Gallery. I learned that when given the opportunity to contribute, those who were once labeled “unqualified” lead happier, more productive lives. Their individual triumphs energized me in my personal journey toward reciprocal alliances.


Through fate, I found kinship with another grassroots agency in San Diego who shared my philosophy of inclusion and equality. This relationship hugely shaped and inspired me to create the community space of my dreams.


Today, I manage the community contribution center in partnership with the REVISION studio. I take contributions of all kinds and find a useful way to place them so that nothing is discarded. I supply care packages for local agencies that empower people of all abilities, animals, and the environment. I deconstruct broken items and repurpose them as tools for art making in creative ways. I organize inclusive social events centered around these experiences to encourage the community to challenge the conventional. You will love seeing how we revisioned your donation!

If the places where we belong do not exist, then it is up to us to create them.

This field is still a wide-open place; despite the regulations, hoops to jump through and red tape. Freedom is a constant driving force that exists independent from licenses or meetings or purchasing services.

The people who are part of the REVISION community aim to be free - in control of their lives, free from labels with negative connotations. We wanted to work in a space where every type of person is made to feel like an "insider".

That space did not exist. So we made it happen.

Joshua Bellfy
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