Julia Peavy

My name is Julia Peavy and I have lived in San Diego my whole life. I was born with a learning disability and I have had to overcome many obstacles, especially while going to school. I feel very blessed to be very close to my biological family, and also my extended family at church.

I am grateful for the Revision studio which has been a big part of my life. Since a young age, I have always loved doing arts and crafts. When I met Joy I was able to to take my art to the next level. She understands where I am coming from when it comes to my creativity, and she helps me be more detailed with my art.


At Revision, I talk amongst the people at the studio and I encourage them that they are doing good at their own art. We do a lot of fun outings with the group at Revision. 


I have learned a lot about myself through being a part of the program. I've learned that I love being around others and connecting with them. I've also learned that because of my disability, I need time for myself as well.