Artistic Development

Guided Projects

Collaborating with Others

Art Sales & Budgeting 

Event Planning 

Socializing & Self-Advocacy

Person-Centered Adaptations

Shared Tools and Materials

Creative Freedom 




Working Studio Artists

Freelance Graphic Designers  

Fashion/ Jewelry Designers

Gallery/ Museum Staff Internships





If you are a client of the regional center,

over the age of 18 and interested in participating

have your service coordinator contact us!


Call: 619-994-3218

or email:  revisionworkspace@gmail.com


The Revision creative arts program is a vendor of the San Diego Regional Center. 

This means we host weekly adaptive art classes for people with developmental disabilities.

This is exciting for us as we are committed to the practice of social justice.




We offer a range of monthly benefits such as access to a variety of tools, free workshops, private use of the space, merchandise and of course socialization with other like-minded people through an annual membership. All memberships are tax deductible! Becoming a member is a great way to get oriented and connected if you are looking for a community in San Diego! As a member, you get added to our Resource Directory so you can directly locate services that support our mission, and, personally benefit from the business of others in the network as well. Our members come from all different backgrounds and disciplines. Some are artists, writers, graphic designers; others are urban planners, business owners, healers. 


The Curator 

perfect for entrepreneurs


$100 / month

RVSN tote bag & tee shirt

Invitation to select events for Supporters only

20% off all merchandise and workshops

Free advertising in our Exclusive Directory

One private space rental a month

Free drinks at gallery receptions



The RE-Inventor 

hands-on benefits


$30 / month

RVSN tote bag

Invitation to select events for Supporters only

20% off all merchandise and workshops

Free advertising in our Exclusive Directory

Unlimited access to a variety of craft tools on loan (sewing machine, leather utensils, solder iron, easel, jewelry making tray & pliers, camera tripod & film developing tank, cutting board & blades, projector, etc.) 


Patron of the arts, from afar!

Designed with introverts in mind



$20 / month

less than $1/day to sponsor our radical programming

RVSN tote bag & tee

Free advertising in our Exclusive Directory

Invitation to select events for Supporters only



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Email: revisionworkspace@gmail.com


3609 4th Ave.

San Diego, CA 92103

PHONE: (619) 994-3218

EMAIL: revisionworkspace@gmail.com

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